Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jane gets ready for the Tooth Fairy

Jane lost her first tooth today. It has been loose for more than a week now. She has been ultra protective of it and refusing to bite food or even brush it. We were at my dad's house for a bbq and I said to Jane that if she let somebody pull it out today, that I would take her to Build-a-Bear tomorrow. She was sitting on her uncle Jason's lap. She asked him if I was cheating her and he said, "nope." So she opened her mouth and let him pull it out!! I couldn't believe it. A lot of crying ensued...but not because it hurt. She doesn't want to grow up and she doesn't want to loose her baby teeth. But she cheered up about an hour later and was excited to write the Tooth Fairy a note and get to bed.

Here is her new and improved Tooth Fairy Pillow. You might have seen the first one I made here. Or the inspiration and pattern for it here. I wasn't happy with the crazed look on the first one or it's I tried again. This fairy sports a real tutu, improved expression and pocket on the back for a note for the Tooth Fairy and spot for the pack of gum and what not that she chooses to leave.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gnome Town Terrariums

Ever since I first saw Amalie, I have been in love with gnomes. Here, there and everywhere you can find them making themselves at home in my house and in my garden. So, to be nice, I thought I would create a little natural habitat for them and then like a curator for a zoo, I captured them with a glass lid! It's ok...they all went in happily. They love to be observed!!

For Mother's Day, I asked for terrarium supplies which included containers, soil, gravel, carbon, and plants. Martha has a great tutorial here.

Here is Gneil sitting on a log.

And here is Gnoah taking a dirt nap. He is using rocks for a pillow! Silly gnome!

I have to confess that this is the second planting for these terrariums. I had put way to much water the first time...and the plants drowned. The hardest part is finding flowering plants that are short enough to fit my containers. But they are doing much better now! I love looking at them...they are such a charming addition to my home!