Thursday, April 29, 2010

Coffee Filter Wreath

One frugal Friday, I happened upon a link to a super cute blog, The Little Brown House. She had made the most adorable wreath and I just had to make one too.

I purposefully didn't follow the way she used safety pins to secure her filters! I went for the easier option, straight pins. But I accidentally didn't squnch and puff my filters the way she did, and I really wish I had. My wreath looks a lot like a coral (or a toilet brush, as my mother pointed out). I like the way Little Brown's looks like dried hydrangeas or something. I think I might take mine to pieces and try again. But I'll save that for a rainy day!

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Repurposed frame

Here is my new decor montage above my fireplace. (It is a really odd space...our fireplace is in the corner and goes up most of the wall, but then has this 'shelf' area that is like 7' up. Anyway, it is really high up on the wall.) I did my new favorite thrifty trick: finding gross art in an ornate frame and turning it into something fabulous.

Here is the tutorial. Step one: find a great deal on an ornate frame because the 'art' that it encases is so awful, no one can imagine anything good is possible. Step two: take the icky 'art' out and discard. Step three: give the frame a new coat of paint. I simply used acrylic paint and a foam brush and after dry brushed a coppery paint to accentuate the detail of the frame. Spray paint would have been oh so much faster...but they don't make the shade that I wanted. Step four: use the frame for a) an awesome message board, b) an awesome family portrait frame, c) an awesome jewelry holder, d) an awesome object d' art (my choice in this situation).

I left the hanging wire intact because I wasn't completely sure this would be the frames final landing spot and I kind of like that it has a shabby look to it. I added an iron wreath holder with a berry wreath (wildly marked down after valentine's day or Christmas, don't quite remember) and a birdcage that is caging a finial that I spray painted and two paper mache boxes that I covered in scrapbook paper that coordinates with my room. Now this strange space in my home is one of my favorite places to gaze upon!

Linking up with The Shabby Nest and I Heart Naptime!
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Divine Giveaway!!

Oh my! While chasing down what has to be the best give away ever...a spot at Oh Sweet Sadie's Academy... I found the fantastic photographer Becky Earl's website. Wowzers...just stop by for a minute or two and drool over the awesome photo slideshow that runs on her home page. The way she captures those beautiful eyes of those kids is just amazing!! And I love her use of contrast. Just fantastic! So stop on by there and check out her awesome work

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fabric Flowers Flourish

Oh how I love it when a great friend has a great idea! Jocelyn had seen these beauties around boutiques, blogs, and (insert catchy 'b' word here). Well, her great idea was that we should whip some up. My first attempt was better suited as a hat in the New York Easter Bonnet Parade... but after I restrained my natural instinct that bigger is better and saw Jocelyn's gorgeous creation, I came up with these:

Want to whip one or six up for yourself? You need some fat quarters. I got a package of 6 from JoAnns. And you'll need some other layers like burlap and tulle (about a quarter yard of each) along with some snazzy buttons. Simply fold your fat quarter in half, wrong sides together, down the length (so you have a long rectangle) and cut a strip. For the largest layer the strip only needs to be about 1 inch or so. With a needle and thread sew a running stitch down the length of the two layers of fabric near the bottom. No need to be fussy with stitch length or anything like that. Pull the thread so that you have a tight ruffle and attach the two edges together with a couple of stitches. Repeat with other fabrics, cutting each row smaller than the last. With the really tiny middle layer you won't need the whole length of the fat quarter. Just bunch it up as you go and stop when it is long enough to make a circle. Then cut a circle of burlap to size, depending on which layer you want it to be. Same goes for the tulle. Stack them all up. Put a couple of stitches in the middlish area to hold them together, find a cute button for the middle and sew it on and voila!

Now to decide their final destiny.