Thursday, April 29, 2010

Repurposed frame

Here is my new decor montage above my fireplace. (It is a really odd space...our fireplace is in the corner and goes up most of the wall, but then has this 'shelf' area that is like 7' up. Anyway, it is really high up on the wall.) I did my new favorite thrifty trick: finding gross art in an ornate frame and turning it into something fabulous.

Here is the tutorial. Step one: find a great deal on an ornate frame because the 'art' that it encases is so awful, no one can imagine anything good is possible. Step two: take the icky 'art' out and discard. Step three: give the frame a new coat of paint. I simply used acrylic paint and a foam brush and after dry brushed a coppery paint to accentuate the detail of the frame. Spray paint would have been oh so much faster...but they don't make the shade that I wanted. Step four: use the frame for a) an awesome message board, b) an awesome family portrait frame, c) an awesome jewelry holder, d) an awesome object d' art (my choice in this situation).

I left the hanging wire intact because I wasn't completely sure this would be the frames final landing spot and I kind of like that it has a shabby look to it. I added an iron wreath holder with a berry wreath (wildly marked down after valentine's day or Christmas, don't quite remember) and a birdcage that is caging a finial that I spray painted and two paper mache boxes that I covered in scrapbook paper that coordinates with my room. Now this strange space in my home is one of my favorite places to gaze upon!

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Tonya said...

I love the color! I think it looks so great with the red. Good job!

Jamielyn said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing, I'll be featuring this tomorrow! Feel free to grab a button!