Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Discovery Gateway Children's Museum to the ladies who blog week in and week out (or daily) and never tire of it or persevere even though tired! A few weeks of steady posts from me and I was burnt out for months! My last post was about my daughter's first lost baby tooth. Since then she has lost the matching tooth and they are both almost grown back in! my time away from my computer I have been very busy. But on a nice slow summer day we took a family break and visted the local children's museum. Both of my kids had so much fun...but I was really surprised to see how much Jane was able to co-operate with the other big kids in the imaginary city to build a building and deliver mail and stuff like that. Since she was an only child for so long, she usually is good to just play on her own. So I was really pleased to see that developement in her.
My husband has been having fun editing photos and here is a great one. We were torn between naming it "A One, A Two, A One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six?" and "Xyloclones".

And here is Teddy playing in the awesome ball structure. My kids could and do play here for hours. In this particular section, a vaccuum sucks the balls up into the tubes and they go up and around and down into the ball depository. But there are all sorts of different ways to get your balls into the tubes and it provides for endless fun.
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dougandcheryl said...

Wow. that looks cool. I wanted to go there the last time we were out but we didn't have time. I think we'll have to do it next time.
I love that multi-Jane picture. I can't believe how big Teddy is. I'm still thinking of him being a baby.
I love Jane's outfit too by the way.