Monday, September 22, 2008

Where Did You Get Those Eyes!?!

When Jane was born, we all thought she looked just like me. Within a few weeks...she had totally changed. Some people think she looks like Jason....but those in the know realize that she looks like my mom. Really it is her eyes that are just like Mutte's. But in all fairness, she does have Jason's eyelashes.

Everyone comments on Jane's beautiful eyes and especially her lllllllllooooonnnnnngggggggg eyelashes. Jane is so used to it that she usually just nods or says, "Yes, you're right." But when I put mascara on her eyelashes to complete her Snow White costume for the Disney Princesses on Ice show, even she was amazed by how long her lashes are.

On this day and everyday Jane is the Fairest of them All!
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Emily said...

Jane is the fairest! She is so cute. I love your blog too! I'm so excited that you are pregnant too - yeah! The poodle Paris birthday party is awesome and amazing. If I have a daughter, I'm definitely stealing your idea!

Sandra said...

Yeah for your blog! And yes she does have the prettiest eyes..they are killer!

Kristi said...

She so beautiful!! Such a cutie :)

dougandcheryl said...

She is so beautiful!

CamFamBloggery said...

She is really so beautiful.