Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Two Costumes for Halloween?!?

It is my personal philosophy that kids should be able to choose whoever/whatever they want to be for Halloween. Last year, when Jane wanted to be Minnie Mouse on Mars, I went to great lengths to track down a giant outdoor light post globe to use for an astronaut helmet. This year Jane said she wanted to be Yoshi from Nintendo. After thinking about how I could create that and doing some research on eBay (and noticing that no Yoshi costumes were for sale), I determined it was beyond my capabilities and told Jane she would have to choose something else.

Jane was pretty easily swayed and decided that she wanted to be a fairy. I thought it would be cute to be Ginger from the show "Johnny and the Sprites". Jane agreed. So I set out to make the costume. Jane seemed pretty excited, but when all was said and done she thought that she looked like Rooney from the "Doodlebops" and she grieved that she was not going to be Yoshi. On a whim, I checked eBay again. To my surprise, there was a child's Yoshi costume up for auction. It wouldn't fit Jane, but it did have some pretty good pictures of the construction and I could see how it could be done.

Last Thursday I went to the fabric store after brainstorming with Jason about how it could be done. To my dismay, almost all of the costume patterns sold out. I ended up with 7 yards of fabric and 3 patterns. Jason kept Jane out of the house for the entire day (we were keeping the costume a surprise) and after 10 hours and two different sets of eyes and nose the costume was complete.

The morning of October 25th, Jane got the surprise of her life. She was ecstatic to have the costume of her dreams! And I was pretty proud of myself that I was able to do it! Hopefully next year we won't have to go through so many costumes before we get it right!


dougandcheryl said...

That is awesome! You did an amazing job. What a fun surprise for her.

Andrea said...

I really love the costume of yoshi my 4 year old son is wanting to be him this year for halloween I am willing to pay someone to make it or buy it from someone if you are willing let me know Andrea Schenck 509-837-8481

Kristi said...

I need to make one for my almost 5 year old this halloween. Any tips or hints would be so welcome!!

Stephanie Cameron said...

Andrea and Kristi: I'm so sorry... I didn't even know you commented on my blog until right now (April of 2010)! I hope your costumes turned out great!! And thanks for loving mine!