Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween In Paris - 2007

We are so excited for Halloween this year... Last year we spent the holliday in Disneyland Paris! It was a trip at odds with itself. Of course we were so happy to be in Paris (my favorite city in the world), but Jane was sick and the weather was terrible!

On our first night there, Jane dressed up as Minnie Pumpkin (as we call it) and we headed over to Downtown Disney for a Halloween dinner. True to the French spirit, there was plenty of yummy cheeses. Also there was face painting and scary/funny Pumpkinhead men wandering around.
Jane wanted to be Minnie on Mars for Halloween, and even though she didn't get to wear her costume to go trick-or-treating, she was still able to wear it to preschool and dance parties. Pluto thought she looked pretty amazing!

We stayed in a Disney hotel. I was expecting Disney to really take charge and make a great hotel, but the European spirit is king there (I guess). Our hotel lacked many ammenities and the hallways smelled like armpits. But they did have a character greating every morning and Jane was delighted to get to spend some time with her favorite mouse!

On October 31st, we were actually done with Disneyland and spent the day sightseeing in Paris. We stayed in a fantastic hotel on the Champs Elysees. There is a Disney Store on that street and they didn't forget to celebrate Halloween, but everyone else did! Actually, we saw two children dressed in costume... I guess they were visiting Paris on Halloween as well. Although Jane and I enjoyed our trip and will always cherish the memories, we are both excited to spend this Halloween at home. Jane is chomping at the bit to go Trick-or-Treating and has been practicing nightly! And I can't wait for her to share her booty with me!